Terms & Conditions

Ford Service Programs

Terms and Conditions

Note: Ford Dealers can choose whether or not to participate in the following programs and a Dealer may choose to participate in all, none, or one but not others.  You should contact your local Ford Dealer before having servicing undertaken by them to confirm which, if any, of these programs they are participating in.

These Terms and Conditions may be amended from time to time.  Amendments will be published on the Ford website www.ford.co.nz and will take effect immediately on publication.


1. In these terms and conditions:

Authorised Ford Dealer means a Dealer appointment by Ford to sell new and/or demonstrator vehicles of the kind marketed from time to time by Ford in New Zealand and to perform Ford warranty service on such vehicles.

Customer Assistance, Warranty and Service Guide means the official Ford Customer Assistance Warranty and Service Guide (also referred to as the "logbook") supplied with the vehicle at the time of purchase, which includes warranty and maintenance records

Eligible Vehicles means all Ford Vehicles as defined in these Terms and Conditions.

Eligible Customer(s) means a natural person or registered New Zealand company who owns one or more Eligible Vehicles in New Zealand.

Ford means Ford Motor Company of New Zealand Limited.

Ford Vehicle(s) means a Ford branded vehicle imported by Ford and distributed in New Zealand.

Loan Car means the Ford vehicle provided to an Eligible Customer completing a Scheduled Service or Overnight Warranty Repair by a Participating Dealer at no charge in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

Overnight Warranty Repair means

Participating Dealer means an Authorised Ford Dealer who agrees to participate in a Service Brand program pursuant to these terms and conditions.

Ford Roadside Assistance means the roadside assistance and membership program provided by Participating Dealers.

SatNav Update means the satellite navigation map update provided for Eligible Vehicles with SYNC2 at Participating Dealers.

Scheduled Service means all logbook services, described as A, B or C logbook services in your Customer Assistance, Warranty and Service Guide.

Vehicle Report Card means the one-page report about an Eligible Vehicle provided by Participating Dealers.

Loan Car Terms and Conditions

2. Eligibility.  Loan Cars are available at Participating Dealers only on Scheduled Services or Overnight Warranty Repairs.  Loan Cars are available for Eligible Customers.

3.  Other conditions of Loan Car Program. Provision of a Loan Car may be dependent on advanced booking and availability.  The Loan Car provided may not match the Eligible Vehicle that is being serviced/repaired.  Customers who use a Loan Car are required to:

(a) Replace fuel used;

(b) Pay for tolls or fines incurred;

(c) May be charged a fee for late return of a Loan Car;

(d) May be charged an excess in the event of damage to the Loan Car;

(e) May be offered an insurance excess waiver for an additional fee; and

(f) May be required to comply with the Participating Dealer's general usage conditions.

Roadside Assistance

4. Eligibility.  Ford Roadside Assistance is available from Participating Dealers only on Scheduled Services for Eligible Customers.  Ford Roadside Assistance is only available for Eligible Vehicles.  Ford Roadside Assistance is not available for vehicles being used for hire and reward (taxis & rental vehicles, including camper vans).

5. Length of cover.  Ford Roadside Assistance is valid after the date of your last eligible Scheduled Service at a Participating Dealer for 12 months or until the date you complete your next eligible Scheduled Service (at which point you will receive a new 12 month period of Roadside Assistance if you remain eligible), whichever occurs first.

6. Features of Ford Roadside Assistance.  The features and offerings included in Ford Roadside Assistance are the same as those provided in the Ford Roadside Assistance which comes with a new Ford Vehicle.  Information about the Ford Roadside Assistance features is available at: http://www.ford.co.nz/owners/service/roadside-assistance.

SYNC2 Satnav Update

7. Eligibility and availability.  SatNav Updates are available from Participating Dealers only on Scheduled Services for Eligible Customers.  SatNav Updates are only available for Eligible Vehicles fitted with SYNC2.  SatNav Updates are only available until 30 September 2024 (the "Program Period").

8. Frequency of SatNav Update.  New SatNav Updates are released once a year.  Any Eligible Customer who completes a Scheduled Service for their Eligible Vehicle at a Participating Dealer during the Program Period will be eligible for a SatNav Update unless they already have the latest map release installed.

Vehicle Report Card

9. Eligibility.  The Vehicle Report Card is available from Participating Dealers only on Scheduled Services for Eligible Customers.  The Vehicle Report Card is only available for Eligible Vehicles.

10. Contents of Vehicle Report Card.  The Vehicle Report Card will contain information about the condition of an Eligible Vehicle at the time of its Scheduled Service.  Information on the Vehicle Report Card will be based on information obtained by the Participating Dealer when carrying out the Scheduled Service.  It is not a complete assessment of all parts of the Eligible Vehicle, but is intended to assist customers to understand more about the condition of the Eligible Vehicle.    

Menu Pricing

11. About Menu Pricing.  Participating Dealers will tell Eligible Customers what the cost of a Scheduled Service for an Eligible Vehicle is prior to the Service being carried out.

12. About the Service Price Calculator.   Ford's Service Price Calculator, available on Ford's website, is not a quote or recommended price.  It is Ford's estimate of a reasonable price for a Scheduled Service based on information inputted by the customer into the calculator.


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